The Best of TommyInnit 2020!

TommyInnit's best Minecraft moments of 2020, featuring Wilbur Soot, Dream, Technoblade \u0026 more!

This year was truly surreal, and I can't thank you all enough. Thank you all for sticking with me, and we've got some SERIOUSLY cool stuff coming in 2021. Please, enjoy this video!

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Today I compiled in an awesome compilation my Best Moments of 2020! This contains moments from when I met Wilbur Soot in real life... when I Spoke To Dream's Sister \u0026 even moments that remind me of Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters but usually with Mexican Dream \u0026 not regular Dream Minecraft. GeorgeNotFound is in this video (I think) which is just incredible. This was awesome and we had lots of laughs the entire time. This is the Funniest Video Ever trust me, if it's not then well you just have a not good sense of humor. Tubbo is in this video and it is not exciting, happy or good. But please watch! POG CHAMP!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is The Best of TommyInnit 2020! POG CHAMP!!!!


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    0:00 Tommy just killed a woman and is feeling good 0:15 Intro 2:37 Wilbur being awkward around Pokimane (Among Us) 2:59 Tommy wants less Parkour and more stabbing (MCC) 3:20 Tommy and friends tune into a woman's stream 3:48 Tommy jumps on Bob (Surgeon simulator) 4:02 Tommy gets two guns and a yo-yo (IRL) 4:37 Tommy speaks with Bad for the first time (SMPE) 5:05 Sapnap buys the same perfume as Tommy's mother (DSMP) 5:24 Tommy and Quackity try to "bone" Wilbur (Mod) 6:27 Tommy explains marriage fraud (DSMP) "I'll get married in rage" 6:52 Dream wants Tommy to eat a sock (DSMP) 6:57 Pokimane kills in front of Tubbo (Among Us) 8:15 Tommy tells Lani about George (DSMP) 8:32 "Now he can't Breatheee" (DSMP) 8:51 Tommy forgets about his college essay (DSMP) 9:10 Kid from college story part 1 (Your new boyfriend) (MC) 9:42 Tommy starts Wilbur's stream (IRL) 10:05 Tommy tries to stab Wilbur (Surgeon simulator) 10:30 Kid from college watches Tommy's streams (MC) 10:54 Tommy messes around in Wilbur's office (IRL) 11:46 Tommy asks George how many girlfriends he's had (LOH) 12:13 Tommy laughs at Wilbur's misfortune 12:36 College kid recognizes Tommy as George (MC) 13:06 Dream admits Tommy's better then him at 1.8 pvp (MC) 13:33 Tommy shows off his Vlog guns (IRL) 14:05 College kid finally recognizes Tommy (MC) 14:39 Wilbur finally shows up at the office (IRL) 15:26 CHAIR (Surgeon simulator) 15:46 Quackity is loud (Mod) 15:49 Tommy is mean towards Dream (MCC) 16:16 Tommy shows Techno the pit (SMPE) 16:28 Quackity slips and falls and nobody saw anything (DSMP) 16:57 Dream is sad and tells Tommy to leave the VC (MCC) 17:12 Tommy and Wilbur get stuck (Surgeon simulator) 17:52 Tommy tries to get Techno to go in the pit (SMPE) 18:24 Tommy is imposter and kills James Charles (Among Us) 19:05 Tommy still trying to get Techno in the pit he also is not brave (SMPE) 19:34 James Charles calls Tommy homophobic (Among Us) 19:45 Bad calls Tommy a pussy (DSMP) 19:59 Tommy finds Wilbur a woman, but she's American (DSMP) 20:42 Lord Tubbo_ (DSMP) 21:03 Tommy doesn't know the difference between a heart and lung (Surgeon Simulator) 21:23 Tommy wins a game of Among Us with Rae and claims he's not homophobic (Among Us) 21:48 Tommy doesn't give Bad his signs (DSMP) 22:01 Tubbo wants to breed animals instead of kill them (DSMP) 22:07 Tommy starts placing diamond blocks around Pogtopia (DSMP) 22:43 Wilbur shoots Tommy multiple times and regrets it (DSMP) 23:02 Tommy compares Pokimane to George Washington 23:48 Tommy tries to make a pun (Surgeon simulator) 24:24 Tommy tries to get Techno to call him an alpha male (SMPE) 24:48 Tubbo really likes Ninja (DSMP) 25:02 Tommy is surrounded (DSMP) 25:14 All Tubbo knows is the lord (DSMP) 25:24 Tommy and Wilbur don't get along in Pogtopia (DSMP) 25:40 Text to speech chat stream (IRL) 26:35 Tommy has a high IQ idea (MCC) 27:02 Text to speech chat stream again (IRL) 27:40 Tommy is becoming self obsessed 27:49 Tommy meets some people in a park (IRL) 28:58 Tommy finds a village and threatens Rudy (MC) 29:17 Treaty of the Pit, Techno is an alpha male (SMPE) 29:56 Tommy speaks to Vikkstar (Among Us) 30:29 Tommy gets a computer mouse (IRL) 30:44 Tommy asks some kids at the park some questions (IRL) 31:57 Tommy and Dream argue about who's better (DSMP) 32:35 The hammerhead incident (Surgeon Simulator) 33:00 Tommy and Tubbo do a water vlog and Tommy verbally states his will (IRL) 34:13Tommy spells Slav (DSMP) 34:53 the blade has ascended (Hypixel) 35:21 Tommy toys with Wilbur's diamonds (DSMP) 35:49 Wilbur tells Pokimane about Tommy quotes in the quotebook (MCC) 36:21 Drista calls Tommy a child (DSMP) 36:58 Tommy almost kills Wilbur in the nether (DSMP) 37:11 Tommy lists off his favorite swears to BBH (DSMP) 37:38 Tommy speaks to I'm a squid kid and Sylvee (MC) 37:55 Is Tommy Tier 3 subbed to Pokimane? The world may never know (Among Us) 38:19 Tommy's a fan of bees (Surgeon Simulator) 38:53 Phil tries to be a mediator for Tommy and Wilbur (DSMP) 39:43 Ninja gets offended by Quackity (DSMP) 39:53 Tommy asks BBH about cats (DSMP) 40:10 Tommy vs. the goons prologue (Hypixel) 40:24 Tommy asks Phil for advice on BBH and cats (DSMP) 40:40 Ninja gets it on with George (DSMP) 41:01 Tubbo gets told off for being too loud (MC) 41:34 Pokimane becomes Tommy's mom (MCC) 42:12 Tommy streams on Tubbo's computer (IRL) 42:38 Ninja gets some visas for Tommy, Wilbur and Techno (DSMP) 42:50 Drista calls herself a dickhead (DSMP) 43:03 Kandyland answers one of Tommy's questions (LOH) 43:43 Tubbo invades his sister's stream (IRL) 44:31 Ninja doesn't know which side he's on (DSMP) 44:45 Tommy gets himself a girlfriend (IRL) 45:04 Tubbo gets in trouble with his mother (MC) 45:44 Dream hits Drista (DSMP) 46:14 Tommy gets more girlfriends (IRL) 46:28 Tommy vs. The goons, judgement day (Hypixel) 46:57 Tommy screws up (Among Us) 47:39 Tubbo's listening to Gangnam Style (DSMP) 47:50 Everyone tries to get BBH to swear (DSMP) 49:03 Tommy doens't know what to make his base out of (MC) 49:16 Tommy and Techno hire Tubbo as a hostage (DSMP) 49:59 Tommy vs. The goons, tragedy (Hypixel) 50:16 Wilbur beats Quackity to death over a pickaxe (Mod) 50:37 Dream is persuasive (DSMP) 51:08 Tubbo's been in the mines for too long (DSMP) 52:00 Dream tortures Tommy in exile by blowing up his house (DSMP) 52:19 Tommy speaks to a woman (?????) 53:27 Quackity asks BBH what cum is (DSMP) 53:49 Tommy has a netherite chestplate and nothing else of value (DSMP) 54:41 Tommy speaks to the same woman (?????) 54:53 Wilbur apologizes to chat (IRL) 56:10 Tommy finds a fortress with Wilbur (Mod) 56:34 Tommy speaks to Quackity after killing James Charles (Among Us) 56:50 Tubbo dies to Pete who's Afk (SMPE) 57:41 Tommy asks Vikkstar who his favorite woman is (Among Us) 58:19 Tommy tries to hold Techno hostage (DSMP) 58:58 The Tommy rap (MC) 59:40 James Charles doesn't know what queen Tommy's talking about (Among Us) 1:00:20 Tommy fights i'm a squid kid (MC) 1:01:13 Tommy fights his friend with a fishing rod (IRL) 1:01:16 Tommy clarifies through code if Dream hit Drista (DSMP) 1:01:27 Tommy calls Dream and Drista's mom old (DSMP) 1:01:45 Tommy breaks the durability on his IRL fishing rod (IRL) 1:02:08 Tommy murders Shubble (MCC) 1:02:17 Tommy fulfills one of his viewer's requests (?????) 1:02:39 Tommy witnesses a murder (Mod) 1:03:24 Tommy tries to get $100 from Squid (MC) 1:03:33 Tommy does not receive $100 from Dream (MC) 1:04:03 Tommy tries to get Techno to be his friend (Hypixel) 1:05:08 Quackity burns in the nether (Mod) 1:05:22 Ayden plays the bass for Tommy (?????) 1:06:27 Dream explains Cooties (DSMP) 1:06:55 Mexican Dream shows up and causes chaos (Mod) 1:07:22 Tommy asks what makes a good woman (LOH) 1:07:50 The Cat ears debacle (Among Us) 1:08:11 Tubbo has boats :D (DSMP) 1:08:14 Tubbo accidently shoots Tommy while he's negotiating with Dream (DSMP) 1:08:23 Tommy calls BBH a pussy and teaches him what Disc stands for (DSMP) 1:08:37 Tommy gets Ayden to play some more songs for him (?????) 1:09:50 Tommy's life is having issues so he asks for twitch primes (DSMP) 1:10:16 Tommy joins a random person's fortnite stream and causes chaos (?????) 1:10:46 Mexican Dream is about to show Tommy a mugging tactic (DSMP) 1:11:11 Tommy and friends make fun of the fortnite streamer (?????) 1:11:45 Drista shows Tommy her MLG water (DSMP) 1:11:57 Phil swears at BBH (DSMP) 1:12:17 Uhhhhhhhhhhh no caption (DSMP) 1:12:51 Friend (Hypixel) 1:13:30 SBI win MCC (MCC) 1:14:05 Tommy's posy arrives and harass Ayden and his bass playing skills (?????) 1:14:35 Tommy kills George and gets banished (DSMP) 1:15:04 BBH likes pussy (DSMP) 1:15:10 Tommy and Wilbur prepare to sing Nonstop from Hamilton (?????) 1:15:54 Mexican Dream speed runs smelling Wilbur (Mod) 1:16:17 Tommy and Wilbur sing Nonstop from Hamilton 1:16:57 Tommy writes a sign for a woman (Hypixel) 1:17:21 Tommy asks Gogy what an STD is (DSMP) 1:17:59 Why does Tommy call Dream "Big D"? (DSMP) 1:18:32 Jealousy (LOH) 1:19:25 Tommy tells Sylvee he was using auto clicker and debates with Squid kid (MC) 1:20:00 Tommy tells Dream that he's shit (MC) 1:20:05 Tommy isn't Drista's mentor (DSMP) 1:20:15 "Any miners in chat boys" (MC) 1:20:23 Tommy convinces Ant that he's not a Slavev and Wilbur gets suspicious (DSMP) 1:20:51 Wilbur finds a small gray horse (Mod) 1:21:31 George is packing with STD's 1:21:56 Tommy calls out Vikkstar (MCC) 1:23:05 Tommy is called naturally suspicious by Pokimane (Among Us) 1:23:24 Tommy reads a discord message out loud (?????) 1:24:10 Schlatt builds the Cuck Shed and uses the funny mic on the Dream SMP (DSMP) 1:25:36 Dream attempts to mug Mexican Dream (DSMP) 1:26:03 Schlatt gets the cuck shed to work (DSMP) 1:26:56 Tommy finds a female admin and that's awesome (Hypixel) 1:27:48 Tommy interrogates Vikkstar about his diss track again (MCC) 1:28:20 Tommy asks a girl if she's good(MC) 1:28:30 Tommy punches the female Admin (Hypixel) 1:28:59 Tommy laughs at the word jail (DSMP) 1:29:08 Tubbo says hello to a guy that can't hear him (?????) 1:29:45 Wilbur kills Mexican Dream (Mod) 1:30:28 Tommy thanks Chi for getting him in the game (Hypixel) 1:30:52 Tommy ssks to join the sidemen (MCC) 1:31:55 Dream does a weird noise while laughing (DSMP) 1:32:21 Tommy visits a pub (IRL) 1:33:02 Tommy asks Dream what an STD is (DSMP) 1:33:14 Techno is scamming Tommy??? Not clickbait??? (Hypixel) 1:34:24 Friend part 2 (Hypixel) 1:35:02 Tubbo says something that can be taken as bad (DSMP) 1:35:16 Tommy uses an autoclicker mouse 1:35:30 Lani can go around the SMP without having detachment issues (DSMP) 1:35:51 Tommy lets a creeper onto Skeppy's property (DSMP) 1:36:21 Tommy gets advice from Wilbur and Phil about getting a wife (DSMP) The rest in the comments. GRbuild’s not letting me write any more in this

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