Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The End…

We added NEW items, mobs, biomes \u0026 more into the end! This mod revamped the end in such a cool way dude, I love the end! Not as much as women, but still a lot.

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the stuff:
edited by Tommy + @TalentLacking
the incredible intro song -

@GeorgeNotFound - not linking the rest of them so george gets more attention

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    Ranboo just contemplating the mysteries of life

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    18:38 I can answer that one. In Italian, two 'z's next to eachother form a "ts" sound. For instance, the name "Azzo" is pronounced "Aht-so"

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    Im a bedrocker

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    0:24 song name?

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    This should be vanilla end is so cool

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    3:11 WTF 😂😂😂😂😂🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

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    Ok so why is ramboo touching water if he is a enderman?

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    In bedrock have a floor bit you cant enderpearl here

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    Anybody know how they spawned in the end?

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    Tommy I laughed when you about to reach the fall and you didn't make it I laughed so much !!!!!

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    I play on bedrock

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    15:57 is that a ghost?

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    “Am I high?” -Tommyinnit

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    Ranboo has a voice of creapy pasta readers, its really cool

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    I feel bad for Phil not being able to be with his wife

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    7:35 WHY HE HAS 3090?

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    just some timestamps for myself 7:08 7:50 9:09 9:41 10:25 11:05 11:29 12:20 12:28 13:21 13:41 14:22 14:59 15:44 bed rockers and boy holes

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    lol ramboo just staring in the void

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    is this a sneek peek to 1.18

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    Ranboo*staring at the void* *his ADHD kicks in*

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    Basically this video: 20% : everybody dying 5% : others 75% : f l a v o l i t e

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    whats the mod?

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    *"How killable are you?"*

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    Bye bye gogs LOL

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    I put this vid on last night and fell asleep in 2 minutes it’s that boring smh

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    80% of Ranboo's time in this video is like just staring at that bridge

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    love the whole flavolite bit but i'd probably love it more if i could actually tell it apart from endstone.

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    :tommy: Gourge come down here there’s a slime block :gourge: ok :tommy: *removes the slime block and gourge dies*

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    Good thing no one did a drinking game for this video Taking shots everytime someone says flavoulite

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    just if anyone would like to know Flavin means: any of a class of yellow water-soluble nitrogenous pigments derived from isoalloxazine and occurring in the form of nucleotides as coenzymes of flavoproteins. my curiosity made me search it.

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    i love how tommy says ''flavolished" 🤣🤣🤣

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    18:34 The answer is yes, you do pronounce both the Zs in "pizza" in italian. You just don't in english because double consonant sounds are not a big part of your language. *screams as the word "'za" haunts me in my sleep*

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    Poor gorgy he couldn't see the amazing rainbow road. Tommy forgot that he was colour blind at the same time.

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    I’m ashamed to be a “bedrocker” after I was called a bedrocker but at least I have built a civilization with copper, infrastructure, iron, and a will to keep mining for usable shite

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    HELLO BOYS IN THIS VIDEO Ranboo: slidging and staring at void George: FLAVOLITE Tommy: B o y h o l e Phil: ACTUALLY tryna beat the game

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  • Bigbeege Turbo

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    21:43 had me cackling- “OH, oh sorry George” lmfaoooo

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    My sister pointed out that Tommy sounds a bit like Jack Sparrow at 7:10

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